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Action Brotherhood for Active Dreamers

ABROAD Party-List was founded in July, 2007; it aims to help the dreams of every Filipino in working ABROAD become possible dreams. ABROAD Party-List was born to become a landmark and champion in providing jobs internationally. The founder Bro. Danilo Magsino Dy and its members and supporters conceptualized the idea of making it easy for everyone to WORK ABROAD even without much CASH to support the documentation or the so called “processing fee’”. The group will also help in fighting “illegal recruiters” which victimize millions of applicants as well as eradicating the “processing fee” to make working ABROAD very easy for every Filipino. But, all these need the support of the majority of the people to address the issue on working ABROAD.

Public Service

Since the beginning of existence of sectoral party, we have conducted countless outreach programs such as.

• Providing Jobs Abroad for its members
• Providing financial assistance to its members for the processing of documents.
• Feeding programs for the indigents.
• Work ABROAD Seminars
• Book donations to Public Schools
• Computer donations to Non-Governmental Organization (N.G.O.)
• Providing financial & legal assistance to abused overseas workers

Such activities are being conducted frequently, to sustain the needs of every sector of society. The resources of abroad sector came from the donations of every member and from other concerned groups who are subservient to the needs of other less fortunate Filipinos.